Distributionally Robust Domain Generalization

Distributional robust domain generalization

Given multiple source domains, domain generalization aims at learning a universal model that performs well on any unseen but related target domain. In this work, we focus on the domain generalization scenario where domain shifts occur among class-conditional distributions of different domains. Existing approaches are not sufficiently robust when the variation of conditional distributions given the same class is large. In this work, we extend the concept of distributional robust optimization to solve the class-conditional domain generalization problem. Our approach optimizes the worst-case performance of a classifier over class conditional distributions within a Wasserstein ball centered around the barycenter of the source conditional distributions. We also propose an iterative algorithm for learning the optimal radius of the Wasserstein balls automatically. Experiments show that the proposed framework has better performance on unseen target domain than approaches without domain generalization.


Workshop Paper
Jingge Wang, Yang Li*, Yanli Xie and Yao Xie. Class-conditioned Domain Generalization via Wasserstein Distributional Robust Optimization, Robust and Reliable Machine Learning in the Real World Workshop at ICLR, 2021 (Virtual) pdf ppt

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