Research Group

This page highlights my research group at TBSI, Tsinghua SIGS.

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For Perspective MS/PhD Students

You are welcome to apply through the Tsinghua SIGS admission system. If you are emailing me to inquire about your graduate application for the first time, please also include a coding sample and English writing sample.


  • Highly motivated students interested in impactful data-centric research

  • CS/EE or STEM background with CS training

  • Bonus: Dedicated research experience in a particular field (quality > quantity)

  • Bonus: Hands on experience of developing efficient AI/software system

Postdoc Position

I'm currently looking for a postdoc researcher on the following topic: Learning to transfer for heterogeneous medical image data.

The ideal candidate should have a Ph.D. background in machine learning (e.g. especially if you are interested in model robustness, explainability and out-of-domain generalization) or a background in medical image processing with hands-on experience of working with large-scale medical data.

Graduated Students


  • Spring 2023: Yang Tan (PingAn)


  • Spring 2023: Yongchi Zhu (Baidu), Guanzi Chen (Ph.D. at Australian National University), Wanda Li, Nan Shen

  • Spring 2022 Jingge Wang (Ph.D at TBSI) ,Yicong Li (Ph.D at Harvard)